Family Winter Fun in Cloudcroft, NM

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Family Winter Fun in Cloudcroft, NM

Despite the warm weather here in El Paso, it's still Winter.  The good thing about living where we do is, we don't have to go far to enjoy it.  Just recently, my family and I took a short trip out to Cloudcroft, NM to enjoy some fun in the snow.  We agreed on tubing and sledding since we have little ones, but there's lots to do including skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.


Being from El Paso, we don't have much in the way of snow gear, and we really weren't interested in buying stuff we're only going to use a couple of times a year.  There are several places you can rent your gear like snow suits, snow boots, tubes, sleds, skis, gloves and lots of other things you might need.  We actually rented our's at Ski Palace.  It's on James Canyon Hwy. as you're entering the town of Cloudcroft.  They've got affordable prices.


You'll need an id. to rent the equipment.  Snow bibs are $10/day, boots $6/day, inner tubes $7/day, skis $16/day and so on.  You can click here for a list of rental prices at Ski Palace.  You can keep the equipment all day and renturn it when you're done.  We went on Friday while kids were still on vacation and there wasn't much of a line.  


What to wear:


We've learned that dressing in layers is best.  You'll keep warm and dry which is really important in the cold.  Wear a fast-drying base layer next to your skin, add a middle insulation layer and top it off with a water-resistant shell.  Don't forget a hat and good snow gloves!


What to drink:


Definitely take some warm beverages.  We filled a few insulated beverage containers with hot chocolate, but you can fill it with whatever you prefer.  Perhaps some coffee or tea.  This will surely help keep you warm while you're not moving.  


What to eat:


We ate breakfast before heading out.  Even if you don't want to take an entire meal, be sure to take snacks.  You'll be out, far from any restaurants for a while and you'll be using up lots of energy climbing up and down those hills.  If you do want to take a meal to make, there are areas, where you park, where you can set up a table and camping stove.  You can head up there, re-fuel and head back out to enjoy more snow.  For dinner, we decided to head back to Alamogordo which is about 20 minutes down from the mountain.  There are plenty of options for fast food and sit down restaurants.  


Also, be sure to take a camera.  You'll have plenty of great photo opportunities and you'll make lots of great memories.  We really enjoyed our day.  


There's still time to get out there and enjoy the winter weather.  The season usually runs from December 15th to mid March.  You can check the website link above or call 575-682-2333 for snow conditions.  We went on a clear sunny day and it was great!  The sun kept us warm.  Just be sure to take some sunscreen and sunglasses because the reflection of the sun off of the snow is pretty strong.  


Please share any places you enjoy during the Winter months in and around the El Paso area.  We're always looking for something fun to do with our family!



Written by: Itze Bernal, proud epMama and Website coordinator for epParent.com



Josh Ferraro
Josh Ferraro 11/24/2012 - 12:51 am

Hi i was wondering where this spot the picture is taken is at exactly if you recall? ive been there three times before but seem to forget which road its on every time. Sunspot or Cox Canyon...

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